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  • Rebecca Ann

Trash Truck Party Decor!

Does your child love to watch the trash truck in the morning? This may be the perfect party set up for their birthday party!

When my son was younger, his favorite thing was to go out in the morning of trash day and watch the trash truck pick up the trash, and of course we have a trash can, a recycle can and the grass can, so that was 3 different times of the day, but I would have never changed those times, it was so fun to see him interested in these kind of things.

This Trash Truck set up has a Happy Birthday Banner that can have a name and/or age added to it if desired, we also have a trash garland that can be used around the party to add to the theme. There is also trash truck centerpieces that can be used on the tables, or even at the cake table or around the party. Do not forget about the cute little trash can and recycle cupcake toppers that are perfect for those yummy cupcakes! Last but not least you can not forget the cake topper! We can add any age to this cake topper or even leave the age off if desired.

If your little one just loves Trash Trucks, this might be the perfect party theme for their party!

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