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Two Wheels, One Engine, No Limits

Does your little boy or even your big boy love dirt bikes? If you know someone who loves Dirt Bikes then this party Set up is perfect for them.

Here are some great party ideas for your dirt bike party!

A Banner , this is a must, you always want to have a focal point at the party! You can hang this above the cake table which seems to be the most popular place to hang it, or even as a photo back drop. Here are a few photos of the Dirt Bike Banners that are perfect and here is where you can get them in our Etsy Shop!

There are several different style banners, we have One for a year old birthday Party and the Two Fast for your favorite 2 year old, and then the Happy Birthday which can be for anyone, and we can add a name to that one and have a few colors to choose from.

The next party decor you need is a Cake Topper! We have two to choose from and come in a few different colors.

Don't forget the Centerpieces for the tables, or for around the party to add some more decor.

We can change the colors are add any age or even a checkered flag!

Some other ideas are adding a checkered backdrop behind your cake table or for a photo shoot area. Use some of the rafts that look like tires and blow them up and decorate with them around your party area or hang then up. Use a dirt bike flag as a backdrop ex. Honda, Yamaha etc.

Here are a few fun customer photos I have received that may inspire your Dirt Bike Party.

Hope I have inspired you to decorate for your Dirt Bike Riders Special Day! If you order any party decor from me I would love to see how you decorated your party space.

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